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Grounds maintenance

We can carry out a variety of grounds maintenance works including strimming, hedge cutting and grass cutting. All jobs will be considered.


Here are just some of the tree services we can provide with explanations. All works are carried out to British standard BS3998 and our staff are all NTPC trained and certified.

Tree removal

The total removal of tree through either felling or sectional dismantle to ground level.



The removal of all branches to a point along the main stems and allowing the crown to regenerate. Often a useful alternative to removing the tree.

Especially in the case of severely diseased or damaged trees


Crown Thin

This reduces the density of the tree’s crown without drastically changing the overall shape and size of the tree. Thinning reduces the amount of foliage and allows more light through the canopy.

Useful for letting more light into gardens and windows.


Crown Lift

The removal of all branches below a predetermined height.

This means removing lower branches to increase the clearance between the ground and the crown


Formative Pruning

The removal of dead, diseased, dying, crossing and rubbing branches from the crown to promote a balanced and healthy branch structure.


Crown reduction

The tree crown is reduced by shortening branches, and so typically changes the overall size and shape of the tree. Reductions are usually carried out around the outer parts of the crown to maintain a balanced shape, unless otherwise stated due to specification.

(Partial reduction may be useful for preventing branches contacting buildings, roofs and guttering)

Please get in touch with us for more details.

Some of our services…

• Garden Services
• Tree removal
• Pollarding/Repollarding
• Crown Thin
• Crown Lift
• Formative Pruning
• Crown reduction
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